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Embrace the right tricks of the e-commerce trade, and you will see your sales sour. Technology is constantly advancing and with these changes, consumers expect businesses to adapt. Load times, design, and functions should be up-to-date and enable instant gratification for users. Then there’s the suitability. From choosing the right platform for your business size and type, to implementing a design and tone to fit your business theme, there are a multitude of elements to ponder over. We take the stress out of e-commerce for you, by using our specialised skills to assist with migrations, updates and maintenance. You treat your in-store clients like real people, right? Well, we build e-commerce sites so your consumers get treated right and want to return again and again.

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Positives. Every e-commerce platform has them. The question is – which e-commerce platform is designed to benefit your business? While one platform will drive results for one business, it won’t necessarily work effectively for yours. There’s no better time to excel in the online space, with an e-commerce platform that exceeds your customers’ expectations. The Web Co’s e-commerce web developers can help guide you to the right one, or upgrade your current platform as required.

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When issues appear on your e-commerce platform, it could result in potential customers clicking out of your site. For every user clicking out, it’s virtually a customer walking out of your store, before making a purchase. Aim to decrease the bounce-out rate, with a solution-focused approach. While you can’t always prevent issues or bugs, you can prepare for them by bringing on board reliable support. The Web Co’s e-commerce web developers are there to help when issues arise, resolving them quickly and swiftly to keep your customers happy.

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