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A visually engaging digital brochure that drives conversions rather than collects dust. Revolutionary. Increase your bottom line – lead generation sites perform for your target audience by bringing your products or services right to their screens. More and more consumers don’t even leave the couch to research your business and compare you to your competitors. So, will your site upstage others? The average amount of time consumers spend on a website is 15 seconds. That’s 15 seconds to encourage viewers to stick around, find info, and then convert. Design, content, load-times, functionality – if any of these elements are lacking, you can end up losing credibility and the opportunity to make a sale. The Web Co’s honest and data-driven approach to developing your brochure site will see your offerings stand out from the crowd.

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Gone are the days of slipping brochures through letterboxes of tight-knit neighbourhoods. In order to strip back the limitations and increase time productivity, an online presence isn’t only expected by consumers, it’s required. Brochure sites are a low maintenance approach to achieving online presence. You can utilise SEO to reach more people, and develop a personal relationship with new and old customers through online interaction. Our developers are experienced with brochure site design to build your online presence.

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Brochure sites are your online storefront. This means your most impressive offerings are highlighted instantly, providing passersby with the information they are looking for. Your final goal is to encourage visitors to walk through your virtual store door right through to your contact page, where they can connect with you. Therefore, to receive sales conversions, an authentic representation of who you are, and what your mission is, will be portrayed in your site. Whether you’re a local business, a nationwide company or a global organisation, our market professionals can deliver the results you need.

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