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3 biggest disadvantages hosting domain overseas

Previously, offshore web hosting has been a popular option for businesses wishing to cut costs. However, dealing with overseas domain hosting services isn’t always easy.


In fact, it can end up being rather detrimental to your business. The benefits of opting for local NZ web domain hosting far outweighs the negatives to overseas web hosting.


Here are the three biggest disadvantages of overseas domain hosting:



Different time zones will limit the amount of support you will receive when you need it. This will also result in increased amounts of downtime due to the communication barriers between countries.



Search engine ranking will be affected in the country that your business is located. Search engines prioritise sites that are hosted in the searchers country over those that are hosted off-shore.



The website will experience slower load times due to the distance of the user from the server. This will result in increased latency and a worse user experience, especially for NZ-based users due to the distance to common overseas host countries.


Take advantage of the changing market of web design. Domain hosting is a crucial element of your business’ success online. Give yourself the best opportunity to grow your website and reach its potential through specialised local advice.

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