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2021 is the year of SEO – are you prepared?

It’s a new year! Do you know what that means for your marketing? It’s time to crank up your SEO. Here, let’s dive into the top tips for boosting your SEO ranking in 2021. 

Top SEO tips to rank higher in 2021

Conduct an SEO audit

First things first – the Google algorithm is constantly evolving, so it can be difficult to keep up. Your SEO strategy that worked effectively in 2020 will most likely need updating in order to maintain ranking.

That’s where SEO specialists come into play.  SEO audits analyse techniques that worked for you while incorporating the freshest tactics on the scene. The result is a curated strategy that successfully reaches your target audience and works around Google’s complex algorithm. 

The complexity of Google means it’s crucial to have a team that has the foot on the pedal day in, day out, and through tried and tested techniques, knows what works. There are free SEO checkers, however, these aren’t actual people analysing your site.  You’re simply not going to compete with those businesses that do assign real people. 

In light of the new year, we are doing free SEO audits to assist you with your SEO goals.


Build links

Link-building can be extremely valuable for your Google ranking. 

Think of it like this – a cafe is recommended by 5 separate people. This grows the cafe’s credibility and you would probably choose to eat at this cafe more so than a cafe you hadn’t heard about. 

In the same way, a high number of links pointing to your page will signal to Google your page is credible and important to users, placing you higher in search results.

It works both ways. When you rank higher, you will have a higher chance of other sites putting your site as a backlink, of their own accord. When sites are searching certain keywords for information to use within their content, and your site appears near the top, they’re more likely to use your information and backlink to your site.

Google’s Search Quality Rater Guidelines focus on EAT, which stands for expert, authoritative, and trustworthy. 

Backlinks help contribute to improving your authority and trustworthiness, so rest-assured, incorporating this technique will boost your rankings.

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Update Your Site’s Content

Of course, creating fresh content is important, but so is revolutionising existing content. Older content will include less relevant information as well as keywords that no longer rank as high as fresh keywords. 

When it comes to blog posts, those dating back to 2018 simply won’t get as many clicks as those dated 2021. Not only this, Google will then register less clicks and categorise the post as irrelevant to the search terms, pushing the post further down the search results. 

The same goes for existing content that may not display the date but holds expired information – users will click out as soon as they see info that is no longer correct. This resulting bounce-out rate will have negative effects on your ranking.

Want to be on top of your SEO game in 2021? New content is crucial. Delete irrelevant pages and information, and increase your amount of content to include more keywords. 

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Improve user experience (UX)

2021 is the year UX is overpassing product and price, becoming the top brand differentiator. Google has always prioritised UX as one of the most important elements to determine placing in search results and 2021 is no different. Essentially, Google wants to give users what they are looking for, in terms of exceptional experiences.

There are many ways to improve UX but let’s break it down to the key elements. Decrease load times, streamline site navigation, make your content user-friendly with visually pleasing imagery and interactive tools. 

In order to have a chance at ranking high, you need your audience to stick around as long as possible. This is where Call to Actions (CTA’s) come into play. Link to additional web pages on your site to show you’re actually here to help readers. 

Match Searcher’s Intent

Meet BERT. The technology, not the person. BERT is a technique for language processing, and Google uses BERT to help understand searches. 

Following one of the latest BERT updates, matching searcher’s intent is high up there in the most important SEO tools of the year. BERT is revolutionary in giving search engines a better understanding of the intent of searches.

You ultimately need to match your content with search intent to rank near the top in search results.

There are three categories of search intent:

Informational: Users are searching for information about a certain topic – “What are the best leggings for gym training?”

Navigational: Users are searching for a website – “Nike leggings”

Transactional: Users are searching to purchase – “Buy women’s Nike Sculpt legging in black”

Here’s the difference. If you target the keyword “buy gym leggings” but then only provide information on how to choose the right ones for you, you won’t rank high. Give users what they are searching for, with a platform to browse and purchase with ease, and you’ll see your rankings skyrocket.

One helpful tip is to research search results to gain insight into how competitors got to the top spots. 


Keeping up with the trends can be difficult – from keyword targeting to page speed optimisation, expectations are always changing. To ensure you’re up to speed, conducting a yearly audit will keep you in check.   

Find opportunities and have peace of mind your site is functioning at its optimal potential. 

Our experienced SEO specialists can analyse your current SEO and pinpoint what you’re missing, so you can reach new heights. 

Develop a personalised strategy with our free SEO audit, today! Or contact us, for more information.